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Travel in Vreden at Georg Wessels

Tuesday, September 29.
Mr. Georg Wessels invited the tallest men in the world to come and discover his new large size shoe store. Sultan Kosen, the tallest man in the world, towering at a staggering 2.51 meters (8ft3) was accompanied by Brahim Takioullah the second tallest man in the world (2.46 meters / 8ft1) and Abdramane Dembelé, the tallest man in Ivory Coast (2.32 meters / 7ft7), Rolf ‘bibo’ Mayr the tallest man in Germany (2.22 meters / 7ft3) and Wilhelm Mörchen (2.17 meters).
Mr. Wessels offered these giants, the shoes to fit their needs. Admittedly finding a size 62 is not easy task.
Mr. Wessels regularly takes part in these acts of generosity. For 4 generations now, the Wessels family has been making custom size shoes. At all time, they have been manufacturing shoes for the tallest men in the world for free. With Georg going as far as traveling in every country he could to offer his shoes and his support.
But today, it is the tallest men in the world who made the trip to show Georg, the affection and the gratitude they have towards him.
The meeting took place under the spotlight with the presence of the German and Dutch national media who came to cover the event. Then, the giants took the time to visit Verden, a small German city located on the Dutch border. Their presence aroused the curiosity and provoked the delight of the locals.
In the afternoon Mr. Wessels received a friendly visit his neighbors Rob Bruintjes, the tallest man in Holland (2.22 meters / 7ft2), and Martine Balster (2.07 meters).
The next day, a visit to Holland was required and the reactions were the same. Admittedly, Iwherever these great men go, no one remains indifferent.
Thank you again to Mr Wessels for his kindness. He is the man of providence for anyone looking for quality shoes of all sizes.
website : http://www.wessels-schuhe.com
crédits photo : http://gregorybohnenblust.com/